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Hello! I've been a demo producer in L.A. since 2007, and am closing in on my 500th demo produced! I'm also a Professor of Voice Acting at Elon University, the University of Colorado-Boulder, and at several other schools throughout the U.S. I teach voice acting technique, but also help actors break into the business in Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Tokyo, and many other cities. Actors I've worked with have won Emmys and many other awards, and the demos I produced for them led to their signing with major agencies like DPN, Atlas, CESD, A3, SBV, VOX, ACM, etc. In addition to voice acting, I can teach you how to establish your voiceover business, develop a marketing plan, set up your home studio, and how to navigate the various types of casting websites. If you're interested in hiring me as your coach, or as the producer of your voiceover demo, drop me a line and we'll set up a time to chat. References available upon request.  SCROLL the SoundCloud playlist below to hear some of the demos I've produced.

RATES: $1000 for a demo ($500 for Copy/Demo Prep/Rehearsal, then $500 for Recording/Post Production)

             $300 to refresh your current demo (3 new tracks)

             $150/hr for coaching and marketing consultations


    Scroll this playlist >


Drop me a line, and we'll set up a free consultation by old-school telephonic apparatus!

email:  /  call/text: 818-427-4296

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